In-School Loan Program

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-The student is always the borrower on a CHESLA loan. The age of majority in Connecticut is 18 years old. Thus, the student borrower must be 18 or older to take out a CHESLA loan.

-CHESLA loans allow 1 co-borrower on the loan. 

-CHESLA encourages you to exhaust your financial aid, scholarship, and Direct Subsidized/Direct Unsubsidized federal student loan options before applying for a CHESLA loan.

-CHESLA loans are available for undergraduate and graduate students.

Loan Rate for the 2023-2024 Academic Year

  • 6.35% Fixed Annual Rate (non-tiered, simple interest)
    • 0.25% ACH interest rate reduction is available.
  • Annual Percentage Rate (which accounts for any fees) is 6.35%
  • Low monthly payments of $5.29 per $1,000 borrowed during the in-school and 6-month grace period, and $10.13 per $1,000 borrowed during the 140-month repayment term for principal and interest

Loan Features & Terms

  • Fixed interest rate loans made payable directly to the institution
  • No application fee or origination fee. No fees, period!
  • No application deadline
  • Loans from $2,000 up to the total cost of education per academic year (less any other financial aid received), to a cumulative maximum total of $125,000
  • Loans for either current or immediate prior year's educational expenses
  • Principal and interest payments over an extended 140-month repayment term after the grace period ends
  • No prepayment fee
  • Borrower death forgiveness
  • Borrower total and permanent disability forgiveness
  • Co-borrower release feature for loans disbursed on or after June 23, 2014
    • Not available to CO, ME, NV residents or where the terms of the co-borrower release program are otherwise prohibited under applicable law.
  • Undergraduate Students: Interest-only payments are required while student is in school and for a 6-month grace period after student leaves school. Loans originated through June 2016 can stay in interest-only up to a five-year maximum. Loans originated after June 2016 can stay in interest-only up to an eight-year maximum.
  • Graduate and Professional Students: May defer interest while in school and for a 6-month grace period (interest is capitalized annually)


Eligible Borrowers & Co-Borrowers 

  • Must be at least the age of majority or older at the time of application based on his/her state of permanent residence.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or an an Eligible Non-Citizen.
    You must reside in the U.S. at the time of the application.
  • Borrower must be a Connecticut resident or attending an eligible Connecticut state or non-profit, degree granting institution of higher education
  • A student must be making satisfactory academic progress.
  • A student or co-applicant(s) (if any) must be credit worthy, as determined by a commercial credit report.
  • A student or co-applicant(s) (if any) must have monthly debt payments amounting to 43% or less of monthly gross income (Debt-to-Income ratio).
    NOTE: Applicants are encouraged to pay off any AMEX debt before applying. American Express typically reports the entire balance as the monthly payment, which can drastically impact your Debt-to-Income ratio.
  • A student or co-applicant(s) (if any) must have a minimum $20,000 annual gross income. There is no maximum income limit.

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Loan Originator & Servicer Contact Information

Borrowers and schools may contact our loan originator, Campus Door for applications: 
Customer Service Phone - 717-254-2395
Customer Service Email:

Borrowers can contact our loan servicer, UAS for account services:
University Accounting Service (UAS)
Telephone: 866-214-6269