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"I work in a Connecticut Alliance District. Do I definitely qualify for this program?"

Employment as a teacher, paraeducator, or school counselor in a Connecticut Alliance District makes an individual eligible to apply for this program. The individual must also meet the underwriting criteria to qualify for the loan.

"Is this free money?"

No, this is a refinance student loan that is paid back plus the interest rate. The benefit is that Connecticut Alliance District employee receives a 3% subsidy to their interest rate as long as they continue to work in a Connecticut Alliance District.

"Can I refinance loans that I am a co-signer on?"

No, the individual must be the borrower on the underlying loans that financed the individual's higher education.

"Can I refinance my Department of Education student loans?"

No, any student loans through the Department of Education and federal government are federal loans. This program only refinances private loans.
This is because refinancing any federal loans would impact federal benefits, such as Teacher Loan Forgiveness and Public Service Loan Forgiveness. This also includes any potential federal loan forgiveness from the President. Anytime federal loans are refinanced away from the federal government, those federal benefits are lost. 

"Can I refinance loans my Parent PLUS loans?"

No, Parent PLUS loans are federal loans, and the underlying loans must have financed the individual's higher education.

“What loans are private loans”

Any student loans that are NOT through the Department of Education and federal government are considered to be private loans. If you are unsure as to whether your loans are federal or private, please contact your current loan servicer before applying.

“What fees are required?”

There are NO FEES with the program!

“What is the maximum loan for the program”

The maximum is $25,000 utilized for the Alliance District Loan Subsidy program.


“How do I contact the loan servicer?”

Borrowers may contact our loan originator, Campus Door, for applications: 
Phone: 717-254-2385

Borrowers may contact our loan servicer, University Accounting Service (UAS), for account services:
Phone: 866-214-6269

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