Board of Directors

Peter W. Lisi, Chair
former Director of Institutional Partnerships & Sponsored Research
University of Hartford

Julie Savino, Vice Chair
Executive Director, University Financial Assistance
Sacred Heart University

Jeanette Weldon, Executive Director
Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority

Jeffrey R. Beckham (ex-officio)
Acting Secretary, Office of Policy & Management
    Designee: Michael Izadi, Budget Specialist

Martin L. Budd
Retired, Experience in State and Municipal Finance

Terrence Cheng (ex-officio)
President, Connecticut State Colleges and Universities
    Designee: Benjamin Barnes, Chief Financial Officer

The Honorable Shawn T. Wooden (ex-officio)
Treasurer, State of Connecticut
    Designee: Darrell Hill, Deputy Treasurer

Andrew A. Foster
Vice President of Student Services, Albertus Magnus College

Dr. Kelli-Marie Vallieres (ex-officio)
Executive Director, Office of Workforce Strategy
    Designee in Dr. Vallieres' absence: Laura Baker, Workforce Development Specialist